Portrait shoot tips

What kind of camera lenses should be used ?

How to deal with daylight ?

How can you highlight your model ?

How to choose your background ?

Some answers.

  • Do not use a focal length below 50mm.

Do not use wide angles (28 mm or less), which will distort your subject, especially if you are close to your model.

Except if you want a stylish effect, a 50 mm lens is the limit. Take a step back as it is not a specific portrait lens like a 70 mm minimum. An 85 mm lens is ideal for portraiture uses.

Besides, a stunning background blur or bokeh will enhance your model.

  • Focus on the eye

A precise focus on the eye is crucial, mainly if you use a long focal length and a wide aperture since you will get a shallow depth of field.

  • Leave space for the eye.

Space is often left in the same direction as the model's gaze in the frame. A person looking to the side is making the viewer want to stare in the same direction. Therefore, we should not immediately bump into the edge of the frame, but rather have space to direct our eyes to the key element that the model seems to be looking at.