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STUDIO PICA produces portrait photography and audiovisual content that blends the codes of both digital marketing and documentary filmmaking.

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Pierre Caudevelle: A Diverse Media Journey with Expertise in Content Marketing

Educational Foundation:

Undergraduate Studies: Bachelor's degree in Media, Culture, and Communication from the Catholic University of Lille.
Graduate Studies: Master's degree in Audiovisual/Cinema from the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, enhancing my media arts acumen.

Advanced Specialization: Executive Master's diploma in Digital Marketing, equipping me with skills in digital media strategies and marketing techniques.

Early Career Highlights:

Initial Foray into Journalism: Began my professional journey as a Junior Videojournalist at Canal+/Cine+, delving into the intricacies of media reporting.

Production and Coordination Role: Advanced to a key role at Partizan, a leading production company. Here, I honed my skills in coordinating various elements for commercials, music videos, and feature films, contributing to numerous projects.

Freelance Ventures (2017-2020):

Photojournalism and Videography: Embraced the freelance world as a photojournalist, portrait photographer, and videographer, primarily focusing on the cultural and event sectors.

Festival Collaborations: Contributed to events such as La Semaine de la Critique at the Cannes Film Festival, the Champs-Elysées Film Festival in Paris, and the Mediterranean Film Festival, meeting and capturing unique faces through my lens.

Current Endeavors:

Location: Based in the wonderful city of Brussels.

Role at Eurostar Group: I am currently engaged in creating compelling audiovisual content for Eurostar Group, utilizing my extensive background in media and enhanced by my expertise in digital marketing.

My career, enriched with diverse experiences in journalism, film production, and digital marketing, culminates in my current role at Eurostar Group. Here, I blend storytelling with digital media strategies to deliver impactful audiovisual content. Coming from a family of railway workers, Eurostar feels like a natural choice. 

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