Gaelle Baekelandt or the art of upcycling

Artist, model, performer, upcycle designer, who is Gaelle Baekelandt ?

Who are you ?

A girl who studied fashion management and marketing previously. I didn’t really like the selling part but I combined both creativity and business. Today, I am a model and I create upcycle jewelry & clothing to building my own brand.

First, how did you become a model ?

I have been asked a few times but I wasn’t sure I wanted to and I didn’t know for sure the intentions. Three years ago, a photographer shot a friend of mine, I felt at ease with him and he asked me as a favor. Actually, I really liked it ! We talked about how the light had to drop, the way I had to express my emotions.

It was really more than standing there, being pretty. I don’t want people to have this first layer of me. We all judge, have a first and quick perception that putted me off to become a model. Then I worked with Jasna Rok, a “fashion tech designer” in Belgium : I did pictures for her collection. It makes me reconsider modelling as a profession.

Was Entrepreneurship your aim since the beginning ?

I always wanted to go to an art school but my parents didn’t see it as a good future plan... So I studied human science and I was really interested in NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), a psychological approach to communication, to learn to know yourself better and how to communicate with others.

Human science and marketing are complementary to my project. You get to know people, what they like, how to talk to them and even knowing yourself. It helps you in everything you do. I always wanted to do art, collaborate and share experiences. I guess entrepreneurship has always been inside me.

I studied art for a year in France and to be honest, I really improved my French ! In the beginning, it was just horrible... First three months, I had art history, math lessons in French... Sometimes, I didn’t even understand the question ! So that was the hard way to show my parents my passion for art. My teachers were honest and they said to my parents it wasn’t a good idea for me to study in France. So I put a “lot of water in